Rosanna Purchia

Throughout her university years, Purchia wanted to become a geologist because of her passion for nature, animals and travelling. However, after a truly remarkable theatrical experience as a young girl with Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare (and in particular with Roberto De Simone, who deeply marked her personal and professional growth), she decided to embark on an exciting career in the field of theatre.

This meaningful encounter with the Neapolitan musical tradition has surely influenced her career, inducing her to accept the role of General Manager several years later at one of the most prestigious European theaters: San Carlo Opera House in Naples. She was chosen to fill this role in April 2009 by the Special Commissioner of the Italian Government, Salvatore Nastasi.

This remarkable opportunity led to Purchia moving from Milan (where she worked at Piccolo Teatro), to Naples, her hometown after 33 years. In December 2011, Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of Naples and President of the San Carlo Opera House, and the Theatre’s Board of Directors, unanimously confirmed her assignment. In April 2015, she was newly confirmed as General Manager of the San Carlo Opera House.